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About recruitment for beautician technician, beautician assistant, wedding business

In the Marie a la Mode group,

Stylist and assistant or wedding planner

We are looking for a wide range of coordinators.
Would you like to make the beauty and wedding industry in Shikoku even more enjoyable?

Currently 4 directly managed beauty salons and 2 barbers

2 stores related to bridal production and 1 store for costume rental

One hair color specialty store Work location: Kanonji City, Marugame City, Sakaide City, Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture

Marie a la Mode Group has been in
business since 1968.

Started a beauty salon and became a woman of all ages in Kagawa

It has been loved for 50 years. Even now for young stylists

That feeling has been passed down.

A famous stylist teacher who is active in the front lines of Harajuku and Aoyama

Invited to hold seminars and boast one of the leading technological capabilities in Japan

The latest menu learning program by the instructors is also substantial.

For stylists who already have skills

It's time to hone your step-up skills.
We also offer dressing classes and independence support.

Inspiring for both motivated and motivated people

I think you can cultivate salon work experience.

Also, in the bridal and costume rental department

We are producing a moment of impression for our customers.

Visit the shrine, Shichigosan. Admission / graduation, coming-of-age ceremony, wedding

Have you shine beautifully on a brilliant sunny day

Help me. By pursuing beauty from multiple perspectives

Have women spend their lives beautifully

We provide total support for beauty.

Qualifications for application Cosmetologist technician (person with cosmetologist qualification)
Those who are expected to graduate from beauty college

Wedding planner

Dress coordinator

How to apply Please send the submitted documents by mail

Documents to be submitted, resume, transcript (for those who are expected to graduate)

Acceptance period Currently accepting

Document submission destination 〒 763-0033
2-6-20 Nakabucho, Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture

Tel 0877-25-0301
To the recruiter of Marie a la Mode Co., Ltd.

We will inform you of the selection interview date by phone or mail.
* If you are hiring or not hiring after the interview, please call or

We will contact you by mail.

Selection method Interview (The interview location will be our store.)
* Please bring your writing utensils.




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