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​To customers

Started as one small beauty salon

Marie a la mode.

We have had the best of our customers for half a century.

I have continued to design.

What does "MARIEE" mean to us?

Stay close to our customers and share their lifestyles together

I think it is our mission to design.

Always in the space of MARIEE

It is full of many customers.

Here, you can cry with surprise, smile, and emotion.

Various emotions are flying around.

Then, we read the customer's emotions and put them into shape.

To our HAPPY that our customers are HAPPY.

Each staff member has a big dream without cloudiness

HAPPY is chained by sending to the people around you,

Bright and relaxed

I think that a space unique to MARIEE has been created.

The world of beauty is constantly evolving with fashion.

The staff of MARIEE not only hone their skills but also their hearts, and continue to study and devote themselves to our customers.

That's because we want the greatest hospitality we can.

We look forward to your visit.


To our Dear Customers,

"Mariee A La Mode" started a small hair salon at the beginning.

We made customers' precious days for a half century.

We establish ourselves as "MARIEE" as a mission to design a new life-style for our customers.

There is a lot of customers in MARIEE salons.
They were sometimes surprised, amazed and impressed because many different passions can be seen here.

And then, we read their minds and give shape to their


Happiness brings another happiness.

We have big clear dreams and express ourselves to others so that happiness can chain to another. We believe that MARIEE salons can contribute cheerfulness and relaxation for our valued customers.

Salon mode changes following the trend.
MARIEE develop not only our techniques, but also heartful minds. Because we want to give you good services as possible as we can.

We are looking forward to your next visit to our salons. 


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