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Marie à la mode

I want to be an artist who spins will.

Dressing & setting & makeup

Takamatsu, Sakaide, Marugame, Kanonji

Correspondence throughout Kagawa

Costume rental

Many including new works

Furisode is available


Location shooting throughout Kagawa

New album appeared

Mariera mode

All at once

Reiwa 4th year coming-of-age kimono reservation exhibition will be held from February 1st

Helping with the coming-of-age ceremony

All the staff

I will do it.

For adult women



2021 coming-of-age ceremony

Marugame City

Utazu coming-of-age ceremony

Kanonji City

Mitoyo coming-of-age ceremony


Would you like to make it in Marie?

With Hatachi's feelings

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