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​​Dress Comments

The first place that expresses feminine beauty style

Mermaid line with beautiful tight curves

Pink beige, which is familiar to the skin, gives a gentle impression

The back style is even more elegant

The walnut button is very gorgeous

The train that spreads is also a beautiful and elegant dress.

​​Dress Comments

Flower embroidery on pretty and lovely tulle

It is treated and

The back ribbon enhances the feeling of a princess.

The embroidery on the chest is eye-catching and elegant

Bustier is 2way.

​​Dress Comments

I used plenty of Mikado

The royal road big princess line.

The ribbon-shaped roll color makes the chest look delicate and beautiful.

It hides the upper arm line you care about. ​​

For back style

With big ribbon + walnut button + long train

The elements that the bride loves

It is the first place that I took in abundantly.

​​Dress Comments

A cape with a cord lace with heavy pressure processing,

Finished with glossy satin

Noble A-line dress

An elegant adult dress as a set.

Also, remove the cape and wear a navy-colored waist ribbon.

Plus, it will be a different and fashionable image.

​​Dress Comments

Simple and elegant A-line dress,

The lace embroidery on the chest is elegant.

Detachable bolero,

You can change the image with the waist belt.

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