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Proelegant color

Pro elegant color

Aeon Imabari.





​All the staff

Thought for our customers

Color specialty store! !!

Professional elegant colors are fashion dyeing, gray hair dyeing,
A specialty store specializing in hair color such as henna.
It's cheaper than a beauty salon because it doesn't offer services such as cutting and perming, and it's better than dyeing at home.
Much cleaner and easier, by a beautician
Professional hair color is available.
The professional elegant color of Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, is
With the motto "fast, cheap, beautiful",
It is a shop with high customer satisfaction.
We look forward to welcoming you to our store.

A photo of your joy

Large recruitment! !!

​・ We will post with your permission.

What is a professional elegant color?

* A store specializing in hair color.
* It is a shop for gray hair dyeing and fashion dyeing.
* No reservation required!
* Professional beautician will perform the treatment.
* A domestic manufacturer produced in Japan

Uses the finest hair coloring agent.
* By far more than dyeing with home color

It's a great deal!
* For partial dyeing, the procedure takes 30 minutes at the shortest.

* Blow is self-styling

I will do it.

Please use it in such a case ! !!

* Because it is dyed while shopping

To save time!


* Between housework! On the way home from work!


* Dyeing immediately before going out or for sudden errands!

* When you can't dye well by yourself!

Special menu of professional elegant colors! !!

・ Root dyeing

・ Dye only the root (retouch)

¥ 1,690 (first time)

​(tax included)

・ Whole dyeing

 ・ Dye the whole from the root to the tip of the hair

¥ 2,800 (first time)

​(tax included)

・ Fashionable dyeing

 ・ Dye the whole from the root to the tip of the hair

¥ 4,590 (first time)

​ (tax included)

​・ Herb color (henna)

 ・ Use of natural henna that gives elasticity and luster

​   (100% natural henna is also available.)

¥ 4,900

​   (tax included)


・ Aging care that gives moisture and shine

(Available as a set with color.)

​¥   550

​(tax included)

PmM treatment

・ Protects and repairs hair

Special treatment

(Available as a set with color.)

​¥ 1,100

​(tax included)

​・ Feel free to head spa

·Reward to myself

(Available as a set with color.)

​¥ 700

​(tax included)

​Check !!

Recruitment of professional elegant color staff! !!

★ There are no cuts or blows.
(You are responsible for blowing.)
★ If you can color and shampoo, it's OK.
(Many stores introducing auto shampoo)
★ Those with blanks are also safe.
(People with a blank of 20 years or more can also work)
★ Those who are not good at serving customers are also okay.
★ You can return on time without any training. 

Marie a la Mode Co., Ltd. Tel0877-25-0301

0898-25-0012 (Reservation not possible)
9:00 to 18:00 (reception until 17:00)

Closed / Open all year round

4-8-1 Umagoecho, Imabari City Aeon Imabari 2F

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