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VIP salon available for adult women

When you go home, on the other side of the mirror


The shining self is there. .. ..

​Naturally expresses the beauty of women

​1. 1.

A woman who is busy with daily makeup

Shorten make-up time.

Various problems if the eyelashes are thin, short, or few

Providing treatments that minimize the burden on your own eyelashes

Higher quality and subtle glitz

Natural and beautiful eyes suitable for adult women

I will make a proposal.

Products that have been carefully selected



Extension is the best in the industry

It has softness.

Once you touch it

You can feel the difference.

In addition, the handling glue is from manufacturing to filling

All are done in Japan.

Not to mention product safety and understanding of ingredients

We value technology and knowledge such as how to use it.

Services designed for our customers

3. 3.



Our menu is for customers even for a day

So that you can stay sharp for a long time

Includes repairs within 30 days.

We also have time for counseling.

It was in the life work of each customer

adviceI keep in mind

Eyelash Meister

Rumi Fujita

Rumi Fujita

・ Hair stylist

・ Eyelash Meister-

・ Hairdresser license holder

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