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◇ 1. PowerItem

Hybrid Extension

Hybrid extension


* Our products are safe, secure and use only carefully selected products. Please feel free to contact the staff.

◇ 2. PowerItem

EYELASH LABO / eyelash lab

Treatment to not only " grow " eyelashes but also " germinate"

Born from an outpatient eyelash ( medical) site

Professional use treatment.

For damaged eyelashes and missing eyelashes

" Nutrition " alone is not a fundamental improvement!

" Sow eyelash seeds " " Prepare hair growth environment " " Promote hair growth "

With these 3 steps, you can cover a series of flows and

The effect can be expected for the first time.

I want to increase the amount of eyelashes! I want to stretch it thick and long!

I want to eliminate hair breakage and hair loss! I'm worried about the damage!

For such people, you can regain beautiful and healthy eyelashes.

The latest medical treatment

◇ 3. PowerItem

EYEKNOW / Long styling mascara

Next-generation mascara with cross silk and P-UP effect!

~ Two major features ~  

◆ Super beautiful vibration P-UP processed next-generation terahertz processing

Keeps a beautiful curl that can withstand gravity all day long.

◆ For silk powder containing CROSS SILK prescription

Therefore, it sticks firmly to the eyelashes and

It has the effect of giving elasticity and protection.

Strong against sweat and water, dissolves in hot water

A new type of waterproof mascara .
Firmly off without using oil cleansing

Since it is a film type that can be done, by turning it off without rubbing,

You can reduce the damage to your skin and eyelashes.

Silk powder and water wrap around the eyelashes and shrink when dry

With the unique properties of silk, it locks the curl firmly.
Keep the curl all day and keep the eyelash design beautiful.


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