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Product introduction

Hair care products that stylists around the world are paying attention to.

Intelligent hair care products. Not only repairing the damage

Care that does not damage healthy parts.

The Lois Intelligence series is a shampoo with "intelligence".

Intelligence may be the greatest weapon that makes women look beautiful.

  35 years history

35 years ago

I came across the most expensive shampoo in the world.

"Expensive and high quality"

I'm sure it won't reach many people.

This is the origin of Royce Intelligence.

Lois Intelligence Series

Collaborate with the best-selling salon shampoo maker in Japan

A flagship product made without regard to profitability.

The less thick texture can be said to be a hair essence that polishes the inner and outer surfaces of the hair at the same time.

A high-quality shampoo designed to be delivered to many customers.

For universally beautiful hair. I chose a citrus scent to lift my mood.

A shampoo that restores the original quality of hair without cheating with silicone or luster

Appeared here now.


Naturese shampoo

(Mild acidity)

Organic botanical ingredients

Natural essential oils

Creamy and rich lather

Care for hair and scalp that are of concern for hair age

While washing, with a healthy skin

Beautiful gloss and elasticity

Makes your hair elegant.

Naturese treatment

(Aging Care)

Organic botanical ingredients

Natural essential oils

As a hair protection ingredient

Well-balanced organic botanical ingredients

Blended organic treatment.

Of natural essential oils

A pleasant scent for peaceWill be delivered.


​     Natural washing

         Hair soap MD

Amino acid / collagen

Non-rinse type

Fruit extract and 8 kinds of amino acids

(Both moisturizing ingredients)

Collaboratively developed with a beautician

While washing my hair


A holistic shampoo.


Natural washing

Hair treatment MD

          Amino acid / collagen

       Intensive care pack treatment

Carefully selected plant-derived essences

Familiar with hair

Each one is full of moisture

Helps the original function of hair and scalp.

With all my heart

I made

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