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What is a cream bath ?

It has been handed down from ancient times in Bali, Indonesia.

A traditional cosmetology method that cares for the scalp and hair.

Herbs and fruits grown from nature are used as beauty essences

With a blended cream bath cream

It massages the scalp, removes dirt from pores, nourishes the hair and scalp, and promotes the detoxification effect of the entire body.


For aging of the scalp and sagging skin ...

The scalp of modern humans is at risk.
Excessive from the scalp due to various hair care agents, malnourished diet, lack of sleep, etc.

It is in a state where sebum is secreted and dirt is easily clogged.

It can also cause clogging of the scalp and split ends.

The cream bath removes dirt and sebum from the pores of the scalp and tightens the scalp.

Creates shiny and moist hair by keeping the scalp healthy

It also improves blood flow and lymphatic flow in the head.

It removes swelling of the face and helps prevent dullness and aging of the skin.
Since the scalp and the skin of the face are connected by one piece, use a scalp massage

Tightening will lift up the entire face,

You can expect the effect of tightening wrinkles on the face.

Refreshing and relaxation effects

Due to various problems and environments in modern society

I live while feeling some kind of stress.
The balance of the self-sustaining nerves is lost, the muscles of the head become stiff, and blood circulation becomes stagnant.
It causes various symptoms such as eye fatigue, headache, neck, stiff shoulders, and split ends.

Cream Bath arranges traditional Balinese beauty methods to suit Japanese people.
Not only to relieve scalp, hair care and head fatigue, but also to push routes (energy lines) and acupoints

All-hand massage with treatment, neck, shoulder and shoulder massage

I will gently wrap it up to my heart and nature.
Massage with a gentle rhythm and feel the cells open and rejuvenate

It awakens the original natural healing power.

You can repeat by having the customer relax in a comfortable state.

Ayurveta's knowledge and skills

Ayurveda is a traditional medicine of the Indian continent and one of the three major traditional medicines in the world.
It includes not only medicine but also the wisdom of life, life science, and the concept of philosophy.

It aims not only for the treatment and prevention of illness, but also for a better life.

1, Energy life Force
Ayurveda No7 chakra that regulates the flow of qi by mantra breathing method

Gives a consonant sound to the mind.
In addition, solve the stray of the customer's thinking circuit, adjust the flow of nerves and qi,

Promotes energy activity.

2, Brain Reaction
By stimulating the acupuncture points, the autonomic nerves are activated and it is one of the neurotransmitters in the brain.

Serotonin is secreted and changes the illusion level of the cerebrum.
As a result, the number of alpha waves increases, tension and anxiety are relieved, and a refreshing mental state is achieved.

3, Scalp Care
It balances the activity of hairballs such as dermal papilla and hair matrix and dermis and sebaceous glands.
From oily scalp to dry scalp

With deep cleansing of hair spots

With treatment by scalp manipulation

Prevents aging scalp and activates hair growth environment.

4, Body Care
Accurately control shoulder stiffness, eye fatigue, and various daily stress factors

We will relax with wave motion.

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